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Jonathan Effemey

Coach de Inglés
Libre 91 192 68 80 + CODIGO: 9011
Ocupado Offline
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Lugar de nacimiento
New Forest Hampshire - But now I live in Manila, Philippines
Acento británico / Arte / Inglés nativo / Literatura / Música / Salud
Acerca de mi

I studied Fine Art with Art History at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. I taught mainly Design and Technology in a variety of London Schools. I also gained a qualification in Health and Safety Inspection. Although I have retired, I have worked as an online teacher.
In conversations, I will gently draw attention to any grammar or pronunciation errors. My English style tends to be fairly formal. My accent is standard South East English or broadly London in style. Vowel sounds are fairly open for example. I will talk reasonably slowly and please ask me to repeat if there are any problems.
I am also a content writer. I blog regularly for the Guardian Newspaper.
I also play tenor sax. I played in a semi-pro big band for 20 years. I also play clarinet and bamboo flute.
I have continued with my art. I have had an exhibition recently and have continued sketching and drawing.

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